“Paths” is a concept conceived to support a decentralized interpretation strategy for Evergreen Brick Works. As part of the master plan process, curator Andrew Davies and I developed a strategy that would utilize an artistic sensibility to embed stories, interpretation and expression throughout the site. The Paths were to be built with the help and participation of the community and through the facilitation of artists, artisans and craftspeople. The artistic intent was to offer a flow of consciousness throughout the 4 hector site – a stream of memories, ideas and expression that celebrates the past, engages the present and explores possibilities for the future of cities.

In this design methodology, a treasury of materials is chosen and then continuously arranged and rearranged in search of meaningful pattern, form and function. In this context, the palette of materials is informed by the geology of place, the dominant urban patinas of Toronto, and the participatory aesthetic inherent to a community that holds nature and creative spirit as core values.

The prototype for the Paths is installed in the south room of building 1 at Evergreen Brick Works. From 2006-2009, this space served as the demonstration room for the pre-construction phase of the project.



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