Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea)

Native Tenant – Building 10,11

8 ft x 7 ft x 4 ft – galvanized metal, powder coat paint

Evergreen Brick Works

This sculpture is one in a series of works entitled Native Tenants. The blossom protrudes from a window that overlooks the historic chimney court. Today, the court is a space devoted to children. Here, the echinacea flower is used as a symbol for healing. As children engage in activities about food, water and shelter, they participate in healing the land.

For over a hundred years, the Don Valley Brick Works produced bricks that built cities. Today, the industrial buildings house a new purpose. Flowers bursting out of windows are a celebration of the renewed purpose for the site. In terms of scale, the blossom’s relative size to a bee is proportional to the sculpture’s relative size to a child. Today’s children will inherit tomorrow’s environments and their dreams, ideas and energy carry the potential for the pollination of a more compassionate, healthy and liveable future.

Special attention has been paid to the construction of the blossom. The work looks to extenuate the architecture of the flower and the strategy that the blossoms utilizes in order to bloom. Flowers are natured inspired and these sculptures strive to speak to this quality.

“These sculptures are a metaphor for education, that these beautiful flowers invite the people of this city to come down and experience some of the beauty of this site, learn about nature and carry the pollen sacks of ideas back into their communities.”

Cam Collyer – Evergreen National Program Director and Learning Grounds Director

artist FERRUCCIO SARDELLA metal fabricator COBALT FABRICATION structural engineer BLACKWELL BOWICK


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