This blog presents thoughts, concepts, processes, projects and happenings pertaining to my art practise. It is also a place to share related stories, connections and interests. For me, this site represents a special opportunity to communicate with greater fluidity the narratives, networks and mechanics that inform my creative process.

My art practice is essentially an exploration into the invention of identity. I search for that which allows for insights into how we see ourselves. I’m looking to interpret Socrates “shadows” of reality, so to speak. Further to this, I strive to reveal a movement of subjective insights as opposed to objective truth. I believe this is important because perceptions towards any given subject change depending on conditions, time and environment, but the change does not dismiss the validity of alternative perceptions. I find that the dissonance offers a depth of knowing, like walking through the hallways of our deepest sense of self. This phenomenon speaks to the human experience and I hope to express the elusive qualities of this condition within my work and through the subjects I explore.


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