Artist in Residence

Over the past 8 years, I have been artist in residence for Evergreen Brick Works. In this position, I have played a variety of roles—from design team member and interpretive planner to exhibit designer and producer of public artworks. This position has been defined through a close collaboration with Evergreen and I see my contribution as part of an evolving sensibility that speaks to the culture of place.


Public Art Installations

Artist and Project Manager

Black Eyed Susan

15 ft x 15 ft x 3 ft  –  galvanized metal, powder coat paint

south face – Building 4

Purple Coneflower 

8 ft x 7 ft x 4 ft – galvanized metal, powder coat paint

chimney court – south face – building 10/11

Watershed Consciousness 

30 ft x 50 ft x 4ft – recycled steel, cor-tan steel, stainless steel, perforated steel,

copper, brass, green wall infrastructure, plants, water

welcome court – north face – building 10/11

Deep Time in the Valley

25 ft x 25 ft x 15 ft area

metal, plexi, copper

eco pavilion – building 6/7

The Colour Green

4 ft x 4 ft

metal and light box

welcome centre – welcome desk

Permanent Exhibits

Exhibit Designer and Lead Artist

 What We Found/What We Did (Green Design Exhibit)

1st floor hallway –  panels, artifacts installation, video

Centre for Green Cities

Where Rocks Talk (Geology Exhibit)

30 ft x 10 ft  –  rock, clay, plaster cement, metal

Welcome Centre

Donor Recognition Wall

21 ft x 3 ft  –  green wall, metal, acrylic tags

Welcome Centre

The Cistern Project

Site Wide

(in progress)



Foreman’s Shed 2006 – lead artist

Farmer’s Market 2006/2007 – lead designer

Children’s Garden 2007 – lead artist

Interactive A-Frame – lead designer

Wild in the City Event 2007 – creative director

Outdoor Donor Recognition Area – designer and lead artist

Evergreen Brick Works Redevelopment and Detail Design Team – lead artist

Centre for Sustainable Cities Building Envelope – lead artist

Nature Playground in Chimney Court – lead artist

Interpretation and Exhibit Strategy – interpretive planner and exhibit designer


 Centre for Green Cities Funding Proposal

 Nature Playground Creative Brief

 Nature Playground Detail Design

 Where Rocks Talk – Geology Strategy

 Evergreen Brick Works Primer

 Architectural concept renderings

 Centre for Green Cities Exterior

 Centre for Green Cities Systems Diagram

 Evergreen Gardens

 Welcome Centre

 Nature Playground (Outdoor)

 Nature Playground (Indoor)

 Building 16



Master Plan/Interpretive Strategy – lead artist and exhibit designer

Presentation Room – lead artist


Evergreen Commons Master Plan

Evergreen Commons Visual Reference Guide

Evergreen Commons Interpretive Strategy Report

Architectural concept renderings

Evergreen Gardens

Central Court


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